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TLF extends legal advice and representation to all the matters of the clients pertaining to employment and labor issues. It deals with both blue and white-collar employees and the complex legalities of human resource management. In addition to these, The Law Firm provides its advice in processes of hiring, termination of employment, disciplinary proceedings, regulatory requirements and dispute resolution. We represent our clients before labor courts and tribunals. Our sphere of services expands to assisting local and foreign corporations covering all aspects of their requirements ranging from employment and labor law, everyday labor law issues, social security, hiring, terminations and layoffs, compensation arrangements and wages and advising the clients in respect of trade unions. We develop employment contracts and HR manuals for client’s corporations.


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We represent you in banking, consumer financing, securitization matters and electronic banking
Have expert advice on commercial, corporate and regulatory aspects of the power and energy projects
Get legal solutions and expert legal services in matters relating to corporate and company law
Avail tax solutions for businesses, tax litigation, tax filing and representation before tax authorities
Have guidance in matters of divorce, child custody, child support, paternity claim, adoption and domestic violence
Avail our reputable services on real estate development, construction and conveyancing matters
Get your patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights registered to secure your intellectual property rights
Seek legal advice and representation to all the matters of white and blue collar employees and labor issues

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