Banking and Finance

The lawyers at The Law Firm are highly experienced in the areas of banking, finance and securitization. We have reputable expertise in structuring corporate and consumer financing, project financing, leveraged and acquisition financing as well as electronic banking. Our lawyers are known for their professional success in the areas of Islamic and Sharia-compliant modes of financing. Major national and international banks are routinely advised by our firm on their Islamic banking products, documentation, morabaha, musharaka, diminishing musharaka for assets and immovable property, istisna and ijarah.

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We represent you in banking, consumer financing, securitization matters and electronic banking
Have expert advice on commercial, corporate and regulatory aspects of the power and energy projects
Get legal solutions and expert legal services in matters relating to corporate and company law
Avail tax solutions for businesses, tax litigation, tax filing and representation before tax authorities
Have guidance in matters of divorce, child custody, child support, paternity claim, adoption and domestic violence
Avail our reputable services on real estate development, construction and conveyancing matters
Get your patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights registered to secure your intellectual property rights
Seek legal advice and representation to all the matters of white and blue collar employees and labor issues

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